Saturday, June 28, 2014


For me all our quilts are handmade, as the quilt creator’s hands, heart and ideas are visible.

Our local hospital, in a rural country town, has a Hospital Auxiliary Shop, where the majority of products for sale are handmade by a raft of volunteers. The kindness that goes into these hand knitted, hand crocheted, hand sewn, hand crafted items is amazing. I am a frequent purchaser of knitted toys, rugs, bags (which attach to walking frames) and children’s clothes mostly as gifts for others and myself.

Our indigenous people are frequent hospital visitors, the hospital shop keeps a range of handmade baby booties, beanies and rugs in the Aboriginal flag colours of black, red and yellow. 

My photos are examples of handmade items from the hospital shop.

And some of my purchases of handmade toys from hospital and school craft shops/ stalls over the years, on a handmade crocheted queen-sized blanket (featherwool and 8ply).
 I love handmade.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Tea Towel Update - I'm with you Sophie

Hi everyone,
I have not progressed as much as I would have liked with the Tea Towel Challenge.Lots of thinking but few decisions

I have made one of a possible 2 or 4 Meissen Circle Blocks, (over 90 pieces of fabric 1" wide in a single block). I am happy with the one made but have vacilated about how many and where to position them. Originally at the corners, then at the cardinal points and now only 2 in east/west positions.

I had hoped to included folded flowers, see example but they would need to be bigger and/or a brighter colour (light yellow one was based on an 8" square). Probably won't be included.

My major stumbling point is which green to use as the first border, a night time preference was the more colourful/brighter green with darker green circles (left border), however in daylight thought  it looked over the top.

I only found the Lucky Cat fabric this week and have  to included it

So Slow Progress. Thanks for extending the timeline for this challenge Sophie, there was no way I would be completing in March.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Tea towel selection and fabrics

Hi everyone,
Here is my selected tea towel and fabrics for the 2014 Challenge. The tea towel came from a local shop. Some ideas for the challenge is to include folded flowers, Seminole work, and Asian spirals. I may need to get some paler yellow fabric.

About Myself: I have been following Block lotto for a lot longer (since log cabin roses) than I have been participating (mid 2012). I have been quilting for a long time but not very productively. However I currently have 5 quilts on the go,2 from Block lotto winnings ( both at flimsy stage+1 on design wall), and another 3 inspired by block lotto (2 awaiting quilting and 1 needing another row). These are the most UFO ever for me. Upto now I have done straight line quilting but am hoping to start on free-motion quilting soon. Any tips are appreciated.  PS I am over 60, work full time, live in Australia near Byron Bay, and am not the well published Australian quilter with the same name (sorry). MR.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tea Towel Challenge 2014

Happy nearly new year everyone!
I'm excited to have accepted Sophie's challenge and want to show you the tea towel I've chosen.
tea towel 1.jpgI love the bright vibrant colors and especially the birds and Christmas  theme.  I think this will make a splendid wall hanging.  This towel is from the collection of Michel Design Works.  I'm still trying to find some of fabric that will tie in with the browns of the birds and pine.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tips for New Bloggers

Here are a couple links with video tutorials to help those new to blogging,showing how to create a posts, insert photos and use the other options.

Posting to your blog - from Blogger help
How to Add Pictures in Blog spot - from Wikihow

If you use Flickr, you can set up a connection to Blogger and create a blog post directly from your photo in Flickr–easy peasy.

First you have to set up the connection between this blog and your Flick account.  After choosing the share link, click the option for more ways to share, then the Blogger Logo and continue to give Flickr access to this blog, which will appear as Sophie's Friends.

After the connection is set up, you'll see this blog as an option when you click the share link.  Choose it and it will create a blog post here, using your photo.

(There probably is a nice tutorial for this somewhere, but since I didn't find one, I hope these screen shots will get you on the right track.)