Saturday, June 28, 2014


For me all our quilts are handmade, as the quilt creator’s hands, heart and ideas are visible.

Our local hospital, in a rural country town, has a Hospital Auxiliary Shop, where the majority of products for sale are handmade by a raft of volunteers. The kindness that goes into these hand knitted, hand crocheted, hand sewn, hand crafted items is amazing. I am a frequent purchaser of knitted toys, rugs, bags (which attach to walking frames) and children’s clothes mostly as gifts for others and myself.

Our indigenous people are frequent hospital visitors, the hospital shop keeps a range of handmade baby booties, beanies and rugs in the Aboriginal flag colours of black, red and yellow. 

My photos are examples of handmade items from the hospital shop.

And some of my purchases of handmade toys from hospital and school craft shops/ stalls over the years, on a handmade crocheted queen-sized blanket (featherwool and 8ply).
 I love handmade.

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