Friday, February 28, 2014

Tea Towel Update - I'm with you Sophie

Hi everyone,
I have not progressed as much as I would have liked with the Tea Towel Challenge.Lots of thinking but few decisions

I have made one of a possible 2 or 4 Meissen Circle Blocks, (over 90 pieces of fabric 1" wide in a single block). I am happy with the one made but have vacilated about how many and where to position them. Originally at the corners, then at the cardinal points and now only 2 in east/west positions.

I had hoped to included folded flowers, see example but they would need to be bigger and/or a brighter colour (light yellow one was based on an 8" square). Probably won't be included.

My major stumbling point is which green to use as the first border, a night time preference was the more colourful/brighter green with darker green circles (left border), however in daylight thought  it looked over the top.

I only found the Lucky Cat fabric this week and have  to included it

So Slow Progress. Thanks for extending the timeline for this challenge Sophie, there was no way I would be completing in March.