Monday, January 13, 2014

Tea towel selection and fabrics

Hi everyone,
Here is my selected tea towel and fabrics for the 2014 Challenge. The tea towel came from a local shop. Some ideas for the challenge is to include folded flowers, Seminole work, and Asian spirals. I may need to get some paler yellow fabric.

About Myself: I have been following Block lotto for a lot longer (since log cabin roses) than I have been participating (mid 2012). I have been quilting for a long time but not very productively. However I currently have 5 quilts on the go,2 from Block lotto winnings ( both at flimsy stage+1 on design wall), and another 3 inspired by block lotto (2 awaiting quilting and 1 needing another row). These are the most UFO ever for me. Upto now I have done straight line quilting but am hoping to start on free-motion quilting soon. Any tips are appreciated.  PS I am over 60, work full time, live in Australia near Byron Bay, and am not the well published Australian quilter with the same name (sorry). MR.


  1. I Love the color palette you've chosen. I foresee another beautiful quilt in your future.

    A long time ago, I worked for a huge company where there were three employees with my first and last name. No one was famous, but it was still a pain when inter-office mail got wrongly sent around the world to the wrong one of us.

  2. Your TT is gorgeous! can't wait to see what you do with it.

  3. OOh I do luv your tea towel-the pink is gorgeous! great fabric choices! Am excited to see what this will become!

  4. What a gorgeous tea towel and fabrics!