Thursday, December 26, 2013

Tips for New Bloggers

Here are a couple links with video tutorials to help those new to blogging,showing how to create a posts, insert photos and use the other options.

Posting to your blog - from Blogger help
How to Add Pictures in Blog spot - from Wikihow

If you use Flickr, you can set up a connection to Blogger and create a blog post directly from your photo in Flickr–easy peasy.

First you have to set up the connection between this blog and your Flick account.  After choosing the share link, click the option for more ways to share, then the Blogger Logo and continue to give Flickr access to this blog, which will appear as Sophie's Friends.

After the connection is set up, you'll see this blog as an option when you click the share link.  Choose it and it will create a blog post here, using your photo.

(There probably is a nice tutorial for this somewhere, but since I didn't find one, I hope these screen shots will get you on the right track.)

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